American Brabant Association

Creating the American Brabant breed based on the type and temperament of the pre WWI Belgian work horse

Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the American Brabant

Payments Page

From this page, you will make your payments that are required based on the forms you have completed and submitted. 

The ‘Pay Here’ button allows you, the user, to enter in the value that you owe, because each scenario is unique.


Look at the chart below as a reference for all payment requirements. Add up your total, and then click the Pay Here button above.

This will launch you to a PayPal Screen. 

In the Description, please put the items you are making a payment for. Put your total in the ‘Price per item’ section, then click continue. 

Follow the next screen prompt to complete your purchase either with your PayPal account, or Credit/Debit Card (Note: you don’t need to have a PayPal account)

Payments Chart

  • Register a Horse - Current Members $30
  • Register a Horse - Non-Members $55
  • Transfer a Horse $30-$125

    $30 - Members, $55 - Non-Members. If sent after 60 days after sale: $100 - Members, $125 - Non-Members

  • DNA Testing $40

    Parentage testing

  • DNA Testing - PSSM $60

    PSSM1 testing

  • DNA Testing - JEB $50

    JEB1 testing

  • Membership Dues $30-$125

    $30 annually or $125 for 5-year membership

  • Reserve a Breeder's Prefix $10