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Transfer of Ownership Form

Download, print, and mail this Transfer form only after the horse has been previously registered with the ABA and has received an ABA ID
number and certificate. (To initially register a horse with ABA regardless of whether or not the horse is already registered
in another registry, use the ABA Registration Form.)

When change of ownership occurs, the seller is responsible to transfer the horse to the buyer’s name.
• The Application for Transfer form is available on the American Brabant Association website and also in this document.
• The seller has the responsibility to complete the application for transfer.
• The application for transfer report must show the name and ABA registration number of the horse, the date of the
sale, buyer’s name and address, and seller’s signature, printed name and address.
• The seller’s signature must correspond to the name as owner in the American Brabant Association records.
The seller will mail the application for transfer, the certificate of registration and the transfer fee to the
American Brabant Association
P.O. Box 181
Isanti, MN 55040

• The ABA Registry Office will return the certificate to the new owner.
• Transfers are considered to be delinquent 60 days after the sale date.
• Fee is verified by postmark date.
• Fee: $30 USD for members, $55 USD for non-members;
If sent 60 days after the sale date: $100 USD for members, $125 USD for non-members.

Neglect or Refusal to Transfer: In case of willful neglect or refusal of a seller to give a transfer without reasons
satisfactory to the ABA Executive Board, the record of change of ownership may be made by the Registrar upon written
approval of the majority of the Executive Board upon satisfactory evidence of sale and delivery. Additionally, the seller
may be subject to ABA Disciplinary Action

In case this transfer applies to a Mare which was bred before the date of the sale a Breeders Affidavit Form must
accompany the transfer.
Fees Payable via Check or Money Order to American Brabant Association Registry or via PayPal account
Fee: $30 USD for members, $55 USD for non-members; if sent 60 days after the sale date: $100 USD for members, $125 USD for non-members
Mail Transfer form and original ABA Registration Certificate to:
American Brabant Association P.O. Box 181 Isanti, MN 55040

Download Transfer Form